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There are technologies that decouple human wellbeing from its ecological impacts. There are politics that enable these technologies.

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Will Nuclear power AI?

Will Nuclear power AI?

James Krellenstein joins me to explore the extraordinary power requirements of the AI revolution and how this demand for vast amounts of baseload generation will impact the nuclear sector. 0:00 Examining the Impact of AI on Energy and Society 3:10 - The Evolution of Computing Efficiency and Energy Consumption 9:20 - The Growing Energy Demand of AI and the Evolution of Computing Architecture 12:30 - The Current Landscape of Energy Consumption and Electrification 14:45 - The Shift Towards Electrification and Increasing Power Demand 18:00 - The Challenges and Realities of Electrification for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 20:15 - The Intersection of Tech Wealth, Clean Energy Targets, and Nuclear Power 23:45 - Balancing Energy Consumption Between AI Training and Inference 26:45 - The Implications of Co-Locating AI Server Farms for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 31:55 - The Future of Nuclear Power and its Role in Addressing Growing Energy Demands 33:00 - The Urgency of Nuclear Power Deployment for Meeting Growing Energy Demands 35:00 - Exploring Nuclear Power Reactor Design Challenges for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 38:00 - Challenges and Limitations of Micro Reactors for Nuclear Power Deployment 41:25 - Addressing the Challenges of Micro Reactor Design and Economics 45:00 - Nuclear Power: Challenges in Economics, Waste Management, and Capacity Planning 49:00 - The Synergy Between Nuclear Power and Data Centers for Energy Efficiency 51:30 - Evaluating the Potential of Nuclear Power Expansion in Canada 53:00 - The Future of Nuclear Power in North America: Opportunities and Challenges 58:00 - Regulatory Challenges and the Need for NEPA Reform in Accelerating Nuclear Deployment 59:30 - The Role of Project Management in Nuclear Innovation and Deployment 1:01:10 - Enhancing Nuclear Project Management with AI and Robotics in Construction 1:04:18 - The Role of Automation and Skilled Trades in Nuclear Project Management 1:07:23 - Shifting Societal Perspectives on Labor and the Resurgence of Skilled Trades in Industrialization and Economic Development 1:10:27 - Revitalizing Industrial Workforce for Energy and Technology Development 1:13:28 - The Future of Nuclear Power: Religious Undertones, Economic Concerns, and Optimistic Outlook 1:16:32 - Seizing the Moment: Embracing the Optimism and Challenges of Nuclear Power Support Decouple on Patreon: Learn more about Decouple Media:
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